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Journal Papers 1990 – 2000

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21.    Gülensoy N. and P.J.J. Alvarez* (1999).  Diversity and correlation of aromatic hydrocarbon biodegradation capabilities.  Biodegradation. 10:331-340.

20.    Alvarez* P.J.J., R.C. Heathcote, and S.E. Powers (1998).  Caution against interpreting gasoline release dates based on BTEX ratios in ground water. Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation.  Fall, 69-76.

19.    Till B.A., L.J. Weathers, and P.J.J. Alvarez* (1998).  Fe(0)-supported autotrophic denitrification. Environmental Science and Technology 32(5) 634-639.

18.    Alvarez* P.J., L.. Cronkhite, and C. Hunt (1998). Use of benzoate to establish reactive buffer zones for enhanced attenuation of BTX migration. Environ, Sci. Technol. 32(4) 509-515.

17.    Corseuil H.X., C.S. Hunt, R. dos Santos Ferreira, and P.J.J. Alvarez* (1998).  The influence of the gasoline oxygenate ethanol on aerobic and anaerobic BTX biodegradation.  Wat. Res. 32(7) 2065-2072.

16.    Jordahl J.L., L. Foster, J.L. Schnoor, and P.J.J. Alvarez* (1997).  Effect of poplar trees (Populus spp.) on microbial populations important to hazardous waste bioremediation.  Environ. Tox. and Chem. 16(6):1318-1321.

15.    Weathers* L.J., G.F. Parkin, and P.J.J. Alvarez (1997).  Utilization of cathodic hydrogen as electron donor for chloroform cometabolism by a mixed methanogenic culture. Environ. Sci. Technol. 31 (3), 880 -885.

14.    Kovacs P.E., P.J.J. Alvarez*, and R.L. Valentine (1997). The Effect of static magnetic fields on biological systems: Implications for enhanced biodegradation.  Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology. 27(4), 319-382. A.   B.

13.    Schnabel W.E., A.C. Dietz, J.G. Burken, J.L. Schnoor, and P.J.J. Alvarez* (1997). Uptake and transformation of TCE  by edible garden plants.  Water Research, 31 (4) 816-824.

12.    Alvarez*, P.J.J. (1996).  Caution against the inappropriate use of analytical fate and transport models to estimate the age and risk of petroleum product releases. Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation.  Spring, 72-76.

11.    Vermace M.E., R.F. Christensen, G.F. Parkin, and P.J.J. Alvarez* (1996).  Relationship between the concentration of denitrifiers and Pseudomonas spp. in soil: Implications for BTX bioremediation.  Water Research. 30 (12) 3139-3145.

10.    Miller* C.M., R.L. Valentine, M. Roehl, and P.J.J. Alvarez (1996).  Chemical and microbiological assessment of pendimethalin contaminated soil after treatment with Fenton’s Reagent. Water Research. 30 (11) 2579-2586.

9.    Corseuil H.X., J.R. Aires, and P.J.J. Alvarez* (1996). Implications of the presence of ethanol on intrinsic bioremediation of BTX plumes in Brazil.  Haz. Waste Haz. Mat. 13 (2): 213-221.

8.    Corseuil H.X and P.J.J. Alvarez* (1996).  Natural bioremediation perspective for BTX contaminated groundwater in Brazil.  Water Science and Technology.  34(7-8): 311-318.

7.    Helland B.R., P.J.J. Alvarez*, and J.L. Schnoor (1995).  Reductive dechlorination of carbon tetrachloride with elemental iron.  Journal of Hazardous Materials; 41: 205-216.

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3.    Chen, Y.M., L.M. Abriola*, P.J.J. Alvarez, P.J. Anid, and T.M. Vogel, (1992).  Biodegradation and transport of benzene and toluene in sandy aquifer material: model-experiment comparisons. Water Resources Research; 28: 1833-1847.

2.    Alvarez, P.J.J. and T.M. Vogel* (1991).  Substrate interactions of benzene, toluene and para-xylene during microbial degradation by pure cultures and mixed culture aquifer slurries. Applied and Environmental Microbiology; 57: 2981-2985.

1.    Alvarez, P.J.J., P.J. Anid, and T.M. Vogel* (1991).  Kinetics of aerobic biodegradation of benzene and toluene in sandy aquifer material.  Biodegradation; 2: 43-51.

[1 – most recent papers]  [2 – 2001-2010]  [3 – 1990-2000]